Customized build / mismatch pair program

Customized build / mismatch pair program

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Keep things simple:

  • If your shoe size fits you well, you simply buy your shoe size in a Lintaman. 
  • If your shoes are generally too thin, order one size Lintaman up from your normal and your width should be good.
  • If your shoes are generally too wide, look at the table to make sure you can size down and still be in the length range. 

More detailed content:

1) measure your feet. 

Are your feet extra wide or extra long? Or do you just want to know for sure which size shoe to buy?

Stand on a sheet of paper with both your heels and the paper against a wall. Mark the length of your feet at your big toe, and the inside to outside face max width of both feet, at their widest point. You don't necessarily need to trace the full foot.

Now measure the marks with a ruler and mark down your separate left and right datasets (It is not uncommon to have 4 or 6mm variation from foot to foot - and more variation happens, too).  

2) use the table. 

Look at the table to see what best suits the width and length of your foot you just measured. There will usually be 3 outcomes:

A standard - your foot dimensions fall into one of our size ranges. It may or may not be the shoe size you normally buy. Go to the shoe you want to buy, and select the size our table indicates. If you fall on the border of 2 sizes, sizing up is usually wise if you ever ride with thicker winter socks. 


B mismatch pair - If your left and right foot fall neatly into two separate foot sizes, we can get you a mixed pair for a small operations fee (select mismatch pair here and add it to your cart)

C Tailored production units - If your feet fall well outside of the measurements of this table, a customized production shoe for your specific width/length is likely an option for you.

With a tailored Lintaman shoe, riders with unusually wide or unusually long feet can have a production shoe adapted for them at manufacture, to their exact measurements. They will retain the dials and functionality of the standard shoe. Please contact us at to discuss your needs before placing an order. To order a full custom shoe, please select the shoe you wish and then add this item to your shopping cart before checking out. 

Solutions B and C may require a lead time of up to 90 days. Due to the breadth of a Lintaman shoe's adjustability, this is a much lower-risk purchasing decision than having classic shoes set up in this manner.  All custom pairs and personalized mismatches are assembled to order and are subject to a no returns/refund (barring warranty-related failure) policy.